Sympathy Flowers Sydney

Our Sympathy Flowers in Sydney Convey Your Heartfelt Condolences

Give sympathy flowers in Sydney as a gesture for those tender moments when you can’t find the right words to utter. A floral display of emotions requires few words.

What You Can Expect from Buds&Bowers Regarding funeral flowers in Sydney

There is a difference between funeral and sympathy flowers, for which we offer delivery in Sydney. When sending sympathy flowers, address the delivery to a friend, colleague or family member of the deceased and are not a tribute to the deceased. Send sympathy flowers to the deceased’s loved ones, to encourage them and demonstrate your support during the difficult time they are facing.

Funeral flowers pay tribute to the deceased person, and the arrangements are usually larger and appropriate as a church, coffin or grave arrangement. Sympathy flowers are suited to homes and offices. 

Regardless of your reason for sending flowers, the team at Buds&Bowers can help you select bouquets to show your support for the bereaved or acknowledge your loss of the deceased.

  • What type of flower to send: If you are interested in sending a traditional bouquet where the kind of flower forms part of the message, we will guide you accordingly. Generally, people use carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, lilies, orchids and roses in bereavement arrangements.
  • Flowers, plants or edible bouquets: Funeral flowers are floral arrangements. Usually, you would send plants and edible bouquets as tokens of sympathy. Speak to our knowledgeable team; they will create the appropriate arrangement while being sensitive to the occasion and considerate of your budget.
  • Guidance: Knowing when, where to, or what to send is daunting while you are grieving a loss. Don’t fret about the details. Leave it to us. We are compassionate and understand that this is a difficult time. Our trained team strives to create condolence flowers which honour the deceased while translating your words of sympathy into floral petals of strength and hope. 

Benefits of Buds&Bowers

It’s all about you! We collaborate with you to ensure we capture the essence of your emotions and message in the floral arrangement we create.

  • Gift card: When you have no idea what type of bouquet to send, opt for a gift card. We offer various values, and you could combine different values to match the amount you prefer to spend.
  • Same-day delivery: Place your order before noon to qualify for same-day delivery services. If received after 12 pm, we will only deliver the following day.
  • Designer florist: Our designer florist creates bouquets and wreaths, which are as unique as you, the recipient or occasion. Each creation boasts a sparkle of originality.

About Buds&Bowers

For more than 20 years, we have been assisting residents of Sydney in expressing their innermost feelings with flowers. Get in touch for exceptional service, magnificent floral creations and daily deliveries of fresh flowers to any address within a 50km radius of our shop.

Let us say it on your behalf with blossoms. Buds and blooms. Give us a call.